Chairman’s Message

ali-omran-salim-al-owaisSays, Mr. Ali Omran Salim Al Owais, Chairman, Ali Omran Al Owais Group (AOG),In today’s complex world, we live in, facing the crisis we do, whether it be in the economies surrounding us or the looming disaster in the form of climate change, challenges have to be met not only by the government, but by each and every individual in the society.

To face such challenges, I foresee the need for creating institutions which respond quickly to the situation on the ground, while having a clear vision of the future so as to prepare forward looking plans to address critical issues in a timely and effective manner.

In our group , based on the belief that innovation and striving hard with building entities to meet and go forward with the future requirements in the developing economies are our most important resource, and that professionalism and objectivity are the essentials that lead to fulfillment we have endeavored to do just that by pushing forward such activities. Much has been done since 1988, but a lot more needs to be achieved before we rest on our laurels. The third generation is now being prepared, and I am very pleased to note that it is also guided by the same uncompromising principles of hard work, Integrity, High Moral Values, and Goodwill building.

“Solutions Consultancy FZE being one of the business unit in the group was incorporated in the year 2009 for providing professional recruitment services aiming UAE and the Middle East.”

We look forward to the future with unbridled optimism and a conviction that we all will rise as one to make the world a better place for generations to come.